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Meet my coaching talent! Bringing you over 50 years of dental experience.

Meet my coaching talent! Bringing you over 50 years of dental experience.

Advantage Approach Integration


With Advantage, our How to CEO, your dental team comes with a 1:1 hands on coaching approach.

AAI coaching methodology into the leadership integration of your practice will increase performance.

After all, there is a difference in simply “telling” an employee what to versus coaching them to develop and enhance their communication and skill.

Let me put your mind at ease for a moment, I am going to remove the stigma that haunts you when your team says “What? We don’t need a consultant!”.

All of my coaches have successfully built teams that started from this mindset because they have all, at one time, “been there and done that.” During our Discovery process, we build immediate relationships and take down those barriers, if any. This second step, in our 8-step ‘How to CEO’ program will unpack the secrets of your clinic that will shock and surprise you; I have no doubt!

AAI Coaching model in 8-steps:
The Coaching Process


1. Showing Empathy: we work on connecting with others without judgement or personal agenda, it’s about your team and coaching them into success.

2. Remaining Curious: we remain curious following the discovery process when we are in office coaching. Curiosity keeps judgment at bay and encourages consideration and inclusion.

3. Being Able To Recognize Strengths: we believe everyone on the team has strength and our coaches will find those strengths and celebrate them. We embrace and capitalize on the uniqueness of their strengths to ensure each employee will succeed widely at work, but also in their lives.

4. Knowing How To Partner: we are great coaches, working the front line pulling the team to succeed daily is a part of our partnering with each team member.

5. Practicing Involved Detachment: we are coaching with a fully engaged mindset remaining completely non-judgmental and objective. This is a powerful coaching skill.

6. Crafting Strategic Vision For Transformation: we are connecting with employees to transform opportunities. Our line up systems create the set vision for employees to reach and achieve a greater for themselves and your business.

7. Knowing How To Develop Your Process: we are coaching the Advantage Approach Integration systems and processes that are replicable and measurable for your practice. We believe with the right people and the right product and the right process equal a home run in building your dental practice.

8. Taking Ownership Of Results: we the coaches have the ability to know, apply and educate effectively. This also means taking ownership of the results for your business. If you are doing well we can celebrate. If your practice is not moving into the direction we desire we will simple examine what we need to do better, more effective and different. This way your business will always improve and grow.

“The coaching 1:1 hands on approach is about creating an environment where individuals get heard, experience is valued and validated”

Hello! My name is Jen


I came to join Debbie at Advantage at a time in my life where I was searching for more. Over the years, I had experienced what it was like working for dental practices where many opportunities to truly serve our patients walked out the door everyday. AAI opened up the doors for me to work alongside managers and practice owners to reach patients in ways that I never imagined before.

My approach to coaching is much the same as I approach patient care; with my heart first. My satisfaction comes from watching your growth and development. Then from watching your patient’s reaction to the experience you have created for them in your practice. I pride myself on following our proven systems because I have seen the results: and they are nothing short of transformational.


Hello, my name is Nikita

I have worked with Debbie now for over 15 years! My dedication, resourcefulness and goal driven passion is the key to my hands on 1:1 coaching; I enjoy being your champion cheer leader for practice growth. After many years of working in different capacities of the dental practice, I can say with confidence your team is not fully trained unless you work with AAI.


Hi! My name is Bailey

Team building, conflict resolution and leadership management are my specialties and assets I bring to this dental coaching team. Before joining Advantage, I graduated with a degree in Human Resources and Marketing from MacEwan University. I wanted to work with a team who valued their people as more than just a dollar sign and strived for inclusion in everything they did. This was Advantage; and through coaching I can achieve this inclusion and teamwork for dental practices using our methods and tools.

I enjoy bringing out the best in your team! Creating balance, fun and structure in your workplace where everyone has an important job to do. Making work a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, is what we strive for in every business!


Hi! My name is Tyler

I have worked with Debbie and the AAI team for several years.

I pride myself on being an ambitious and driven leader who strives to create the best environment for overall growth.

As a young entrepreneur who hasn't always worked in dental I believe it's an unbiased advantage as I provide a fresh outlook towards filling the gaps in bringing business to the next level, ultimately creating an exceptional patient experience.

The team at Advantage has created a culture that can collectively bring your business through the next stages of success.

Coaching is the sixth step in my 8-step ‘How to CEO’ program and is, what I feel, truly sets us apart. With integrated coaching, your team will have the continuous, in-office support to implement the systems and tools provided in our Masterclasses. My coaches are fully trained in both administrative and clinical development and utilize an 8-step approach to hands-on learning. Your team will never be left to wonder “What to do next?”