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Learn ‘How to CEO your Dental Team’ in today’s ever-changing climate

Learn ‘How to CEO your Dental Team’ in today’s ever-changing climate

Advantage Approach Integration

How to CEO

“Here you are with a great team, running your dental business…but something is missing.”

After decades of dental practice management and certified clinical experience, I coined Advantage Approach Integration. AAI, coupled with your vision and my How to CEO’ program, the results will be an unparalleled success.

How to CEO your Dental Team’ 8-step Program

Advanced Leadership & Employee Development

How to CEO Process

Where preparedness meets opportunity!

‘How to CEO your Dental Team’ is our 8-step program that brings your practice vision to life. Reaching out to Advantage is really the first step in moving forward and developing your business.

The following are just a few target points that highlight what our program offers; with Advantage the sky is the limit and our commitment to service goes above and beyond!

Masterclass Workshops dedicated to developing all areas of the dental practice:
  • Face of the Practice – designed for Administrators
  • Enhanced Dental Hygiene – designed for Hygiene Coordinators & Administrators
  • Cutting Edge Hygiene – designed for Registered Dental Hygienists & Hygiene Coordinators
  • Dynamic Treatment Planning – designed for Treatment Plan Coordinators & Administrators
  • Personality Profiling – providing team members and leaders with insight into how different personality types interact, highlighting individual strengths & challenges.
Leadership Development is designed for practice leaders and focuses on harmonizing your team:

We explore the following key areas of Leadership Development and will provide the strategies and tools to execute the workshop training.

  • The Leadership Mindset – Being an influential leader starts with a healthy mindset and contributes to the overall organizational esteem.
  • Learning Styles & Strategies – Define unique learning styles and performance incentives and develop strategies for effective delegation.
  • Conflict Management – Recognizing that everyone experiences and manages conflict differently is key to successful conflict resolution. Learn to thrive in less-than-ideal situations.
  • Work Life Balance – Prioritizing roles & responsibilities to ensure a level of balance that is “just right” while identifying different ways people act and react when struggling to find that balance.
We provide the Tools for Success!
AAI has developed a series of customized working manuals to develop the unique skills required to execute each position. Defining the individual roles and responsibilities provides accountability for these duties. With our proven systems and tools, you will know ‘How to CEO your Dental Team’ with ease!