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Join my Masterclass Workshops for an inclusive team experience!

Join my Masterclass Workshops for an inclusive team experience!

Advantage Approach Integration

Dynamic Treatment Planning


A happy DDS… is a happy day

Welcome to my Dynamic Treatment Plan Coordinator Masterclass Workshop! This is one of my absolute favorite positions in the dental practice. Building that ultimate connection with patients is truly rewarding!

Most often the role of the TPC is misunderstood by many members of the dental team. This is not about handling pre authorizations and pushing paper around, this is about moving your doctors’ practice forward and the results are amazing!

Learn the top 10 ways to build a personalized patient treatment plan:
  • What your patients are looking for as a consumer
  • Breaking the barriers of treatment planning
  • Converting treatment plan options to fee for service
  • Creating loyalty with your patients avoiding exits
  • A heartfelt approach for case acceptance
  • Your role within the dental team
  • A perfect desktop procedures manual
  • Hands on exercises
  • Post program support
  • Bonus tools for success

As a gift to you for excelling in my Treatment Planning Masterclass, Advantage will provide a bonus TOOLSpackage, launching you to success.

Dynamic Treatment Planning