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Considering buying or selling
a dental practice?

Considering buying or selling
a dental practice?

Advantage Approach Integration

Your Practice

Let us do this together...your endeavor is about to start with a purchase or sale of a dental practice, I am here so you don’t get SURPRISED!
You may be buying your dream practice or considering selling the business you have put your heart and soul into.

Either way… I can help!

My story,

I have been through the trenches of both sides for the purchaser and seller. It’s a great experience but let's not get fooled, uncovering secrets is where I come and make a difference for you.

Looking to Buy?

WOW….it can be a REAL surprise when purchasing a dental practice. The pedigree of trusted brokers will provide you with valuable information, HOWEVER, it most certainly does NOT uncover it all.

Here is where I step in and work with you; pulling the data behind equipment, inventory, square footage and demographics is all part of the appraisal process BUT uncovering the inner workings requires someone who has experienced it all FIRSTHAND! Uncovering things like the practice analysis and practice production summary requires MY due diligence.

Let me help you make the best BUYING decision TODAY!

Looking to Sell?

Do not let financial pressures, elevated by recent closures, force you to make a rushed decision to sell a business. Advantage will give you a second opinion on your VALUE and SELLING decisions.

Instead of rushing to sell, make the choice to prime your practice to sell for the right price. Simple preparation to ensure your business shows off its ASSETS.

Remember, this current pandemic does not mean your business cannot THRIVE… let us take a second look together.

I will be with you every step of the way to uncover those SECRETS that you don’t know about!